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As per temporary public policy, Canada has launched 4 new immigration programs that are focused to help international graduates and essential workers. 

IRCC introduced pathways for 90,000 for english speaking applicants and No cap on number of  French speaking applicants in Canada to become permanent residents. These programs are focused for temporary workers employed in hospitals and long term care homes and other front line workers of essential sectors along with major focus on international students graduating from Canadian educational institutions

As of May 6, IRCC will begin accepting applications under the following two major streams

  1. Recent Work Experience in Canada
    • 20,000 English speaking applications for temporary workers in Health Care
    • 30,000 English speaking applications for temporary workers in other selected essential occupations 
      This category is focus on foreign nationals with at least one year of work experience in Canada in an essential occupation. There is list of eligible occupations for this category.
  2. 40,000 English speaking applications for international students who graduated from a Canadian educational institution
    • Have completed education prior to the date on which the application for permanent residence is received and no earlier than January 2017
    • Have attained a level of proficiency of at least benchmark 5 in either official language for each of the four language skill areas, as set out in the Canadian Language Benchmarks

*French Speakers can apply to these streams without worrying about cap for this program. 

The streams will remain open until November 5, 2021, or until they have reached their limit. Up to 90,000 new permanent residents will be admitted under these 2 streams.

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