Saskatchewan is province located in western Canada. Its economy is based on agriculture and other natural resources.  SINP is Saskatchewan’s Province Nomination Program. Same as another program this program is designed to meet province job demands and allow foreign national to settle in Canada permanently.

There are 3 major categories in which applications are accepted under SINP.

  1. International Skilled Worker Category

    This sub-category is for a skilled worker who has an offer of employment from Saskatchewan employer and it should be approved before by SINP failure to do so will result in immediate rejection. For getting position assessed, the Saskatchewan employer must register on SINP website and once the position is approved the employer will receive a job approval letter which should be submitted back by written name of candidate and employer signature.Minimum eligibility requirement:

    • Score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) point assessment grid;
    • Have at least one-year work experience in the past ten years in your intended occupation;
    • Have a language score of at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4.
    • Show proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure, if your intended occupation is in a regulated profession or compulsory apprenticeship trade;
    • Have an offer of permanent, full-time employment in Saskatchewan. You’ll need a valid SINP Job Approval Letter to show proof of this. There’s no specific list of jobs, but your offer is required to be in an occupation in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix level “A”, “B” or “0”, or in a designated trade in Saskatchewan.
      • Food and Beverage Servers/Persons should apply under the Hospitality Sector Project sub-category. Health Professionals should apply under the Health Professionals sub- category
  1. Saskatchewan Experience CategoryThis category is for foreign workers that are currently living in Saskatchewan. Application is accepted in different sub categories
    • Existing Work Permit
      This Sub-category is for foreign workers who are currently employed for at least 6 months under a valid work permit and have a permanent job offer for that position. Job position must be approved from SINP before application
    • Health Professional
      This Sub-Category is for foreign nationals who have been working full time in Saskatchewan for at least six month on a temporary work permit as Physician Nurse, OR Other health-related profession and meet the SINP criteria for nomination.
    • Hospitality Sector Project
      This Sub-category is for foreign worker who wants to apply for Permanent residency and

      • Are currently working in Saskatchewan on temporary work permit;
      • Have been working with SINP approved Employer for at least past 6 months; And
      • Are working in one of the following jobs;
        • Food/ Beverage Server (NOC 6453)
        • Food Counter Attendant / Kitchen Helper (NOC 6641)
        • Housekeeping/ Cleaning Staff (NOC 6661)
      • Long-Haul Truck Driver
        This sub-category allows trucking firms to bring long-haul truck drivers to Saskatchewan. To qualify for this;

        • Must be working for an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan on legal status
        • If an approved trucking firm offers permanent employment, the trucker may apply to SINP for permanent resident status after at least 6 months
      • Students
        This category is for students who are graduated from recognized education institution in Canada
  1. Entrepreneur and Farm Category
    This Subcategory is for experienced farmers with considerable capital looking to invest in the farming operation and settle in the province of Saskatchewan and has a genuine intention to reside in the provider of Saskatchewan.

If you meet any one of the sub-categories or want more information to feel free to Contact New Vision immigration